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Safeguarding Our Schools 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 3:04:21 PM

We are all scrambling for answers to the terrifying events which took place last week in Newtown, Connecticut.  Many schools are ramping up security by adding significant numbers of security personnel and purchasing expensive equipment. Students are being moved inside the main buildings of campuses rather than being schooled in annexes or portable buildings.  Many parents are keeping their children at home.  Some schools are even arming their faculties with guns.  There is no question that we must provide safe, secure learning environments for our children; however, these “knee-jerk” reactions are not conducive to providing a long term answer.  Indeed, many of our children will be unable to learn or thrive, living in an atmosphere of fear, however, reacting without considering all options is not going to change the environment or ease the minds of parents, students or educators.

paxUnited has at least part of the solution that will provide more of an answer than the actions currently being undertaken.  Our “Safeguarding Our Schools (S.O.S.)” program offers presentations to faculty, students, parents and communities, which will provide insights into the signs and symptoms of the potential perpetrator of events such as what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Additionally, we offer an onsite “hardening- the –target” analysis of your current plans, policies and school plants.

There is no doubt that we must act to prevent these tragedies.  But we must not sacrifice our children’s sense of safety nor a healthy learning environment to put a bandaid on an issue that requires much more.

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