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10 Ways to Stay Drug-Free 

Friday, October 29, 2010 1:28:41 PM


1.       Say “No, I’m good.”: The best way to turn down drugs in a social setting is to establish a firm position. Say “no, I’m good.” Don’t “sugar coat” your answer at all. Make it clear that drugs are not and will never be a part of your life.
2.       Don’t lie: It is better not to lie by trying to make up some excuse like “no I just had some” because that will just lead the person peer pressuring you into their next sells pitch. Those who pressure you will usually arrive at the truth eventually, and if they don’t, they often will cause you to do something you wouldn’t normally do just so you can make your lie more believable.
3.       Stand apart: People don’t like followers, and there is no quicker way to make it clear that you are a follower than to use a drug that they know you are only trying because you pressured them to try it. People will respect you far more if you stand apart and blaze your own trail.
4.       Know who your true friends are: If your friends don’t respect your ability to live by your own standards, then those aren’t people you want to be friends with. True friends don’t pressure you to conform to their ways.
5.       Don’t preach: Once you’ve made it clear that you aren’t into drugs, you’ve done your job. It’s not your job to preach to your friends who are still using drugs. Yes, you might want to make friendly comments of worry every now and then, but in the end they are going to have to make their own decisions about what they bring into their life. You’re actions will leave a far more powerful impact on your friends than any words of condemnation or advice.
6.       Invest in your future: Drugs get in the way of your ability to succeed. Alcohol is a factor in 28% of college dropouts, according to 41% of students surveyed in the same study reported that if they read while stoned, they remembered less of what they had read. One reason to turn away from drugs and turn to school is because school pays, literally. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2009 Current Population Survey, high school graduates earned a median average of 48% more than those without a high school diploma, and people with a Bachelor’s Degree earned a median average of 142% more than those without a high school diploma.
7.       Work on improving communication with your family and friends: Many people turn to drugs as a way to cope with issues that related to their family and friends. It is important that you find someone to talk to. If you are having issues with your mom, talk to a friend. If you are having issues with a friend, talk to your mom. Talk to somebody because you don’t want to go through your struggles alone, and you certainly don’t want to go through them with drugs. Also, remember mediation, mentoring and counseling are always better alternatives to drug use.
8.       Don’t believe the myths: Drugs don’t make your life easier. They only make it more stressful. With certain drugs you will often find yourself getting rid of parts of your life you once enjoyed in order to constantly search for your next high.
9.       Find your true passions: Music, sports, hiking, and even knitting are all better ways to spend your time than using drugs. If you have things in your life that you truly enjoy, it might drive you to embrace all that life has to offer, instead of throwing it away through drugs.
10.   Find role models and positive peers: No matter how it may seem, everyone is not doing it. Nearly 60% of 12th graders surveyed in 2009 by the National Institute on Drug Abuse said they have never tried marijuana at any point in their lifetime. If you are looking for someone who doesn’t use drugs all you have to do is look to the majority.
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